Tuesday, December 8, 2009

House pictures

My pictures didn't post in the order I wanted them to post, but here is the first batch! Backyard in the summer time. We have a 6 ft. wooden picnic table and a small firepit to the left of the swingset, a row of raspberries behind and to the right of the swingset, a columbine patch surrounding the white pipe (pictured), and a strawberry patch surrounding the sewer pipes (behind the deck).
The flower bed on the left is now a strawberry patch with three peonies in it. The side of the garage is lined with a flower box containing irises, a green and white ground cover (can't remember the name) and a rhubarb plant.

4 bedroooms, 3 full baths, almost 2800 sq. ft. on 1.74 acres
New Exterior Paint - July 2009
Gray with dark gray trim
Shed with carport, greenhouse, garden, two satellite dishes in front yard, paved driveway
Back of house (with matching dog house!)
Master Bedroom deck (also has cement pad and 220 outlet for a hot tub)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Night at the Cabin - July 24th

We decided Friday at about Noon that we wanted to go out to the cabin that night, so we called and invited the Quiners, the Moores, the Maws, the Jorgensens and the Boehmes out. Only the Quiners, Jorgensens and the Maws were able to make it, but we had fun! The kids spent forever on the lake in the paddle boats, then watched a movie until 1:00 am. We all got up (and I say "got up" loosely as some people didn't really ever go to bed!) and headed home around 9:00 am so we could go to the Progress Days parade in Soldotna.

paddle boat wars
Connor and Aiden just hangin out
target practice
the kids were trying to play Ticket to Ride
Lynzie, Miles and Annabellewatching Surf's Up
Holly rubbed Gavin's sleepy little head and he passed right out - so sweet!
Progress Days parade
Izzy and Gavin racing

Random pics

I staged this picture just for you, Angeline and Erin! I'm starting him out early on enjoying the finer things in life - Cookie Dough! Jk - I took it out of his mouth after I took the picture!
Connor - just starting to crawl
Savannah and our new dog, Lucy
Gavin and Izzy picking strawberries

Scott and Amy's Visit

Jeremey's friend Scott and his wife Amy came up from Maryland for a visit. We went down the Swanson, did some King fishing and hung out with the kids.

just starting out - Scott and Amy

taking a break to fish

making camp
Jeremey - day two
dinner - mid-stream
what a chef! we had spaghetti with meatballs, corn and chicken burgersI caught this little guy with my bare hands!
Yeah! We finally made it!
My fish - 40 lbs; Jeremey's fish - 30 lbs

Scott and Izzy racing up the driveway
Connor eating ice cream for the first time
ice cream junkies
dinner at St. Elias'

4th of July BBQ

4th of July BBQ at our house
Gavin playing croquet
playing on the trampoline

Wiffle Ball:
the girls team - Erin, Angeline, Ronda, Kalli, Hayley and Lynzie (Hayley was our best hitter!)

the boy's team-Braden, Doug, John, Miles and Lucas

roasting marshmallows

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Cabin

We spent the night Friday night at the cabin with Brant, Jen and their kids, and my dad. Jeremey and I went for a paddle boat ride around midnight after we finally got all the kids to bed. It was so peaceful and quiet out on the lake.

the cabin

out paddle boating
reading scriptures together!
my hubby and me
Connor - on his hands and knees for the first time! He crawled for the first time a day later! Yeah Connor!

Camping at Johnson Lake-June 25th

We borrowed a pop-up trailer from one of Jeremey's co-workers and headed out to Johnson Lake to camp with Rusty, Sonja and their three boys. Jeremey got up early Friday and headed to work while I stayed and played at the lake, took walks, and hung out with Rusty and Sonja. We had a really good time and can't wait to borrow the pop-up again for another camping adventure this month!
The Leys and the Moores
bein' lovey-dovey
Izzy, Jeremey and Gavin
all the kids - minus a grumpy Izzy
Connor and me!