Sunday, August 31, 2008

Savannah's First Day of Kindergarten

Savannah was so excited to start Kindergarten. She really likes her teacher and has already made two new best friends. (Her two best friends from Pre-K both ended up in a different class.) It's a little different not having her around for most of the day - it's quieter. However, when she gets home from school, that's a different story. Almost every day she goes into melt down mode for a couple of hours. First is the crying and whining, then after dinner it turns into hyper active mode. Let's just say I am glad when bedtime rolls around!

Food Storage

About a month ago, I skipped out on Primary during third hour so I could attend Relief Society. One of the women gave a 15 minute presentation on food storage and it lit a fire under my bum to get my food storage in order. I have spent the past month putting together our 72 hour kits, ordering enough food storage for 7 people for one year from the cannery in Palmer, and canning and bucketing it all. The kids had a lot of fun helping with the canning.Before we canned it all...
Savannah and Izzy helping can milk

I tried buying a little here and a little there, but it never seemed to build up, so we went ahead and just bought it all at once. The only thing left to stock up on is water. I can't find a 55 gallon drum anywhere around here! Guess we'll just have to stock it in smaller quantities. Jeremey built me a pallet that fits in the closet under the stairs (used to be the nursery closet, but oh well) and we moved all of our boxed items down there. We still have to figure out where in the world we are going to put 40 buckets of wheat! But at least we have our food storage - FINALLY!

Jackie's Visit

It's been a while since I updated my blog...sorry! I hope you guys are still checking it. My friend, Jackie, came up for a couple of weeks with her 6 month old daughter. I haven't seen her since our 10 year reunion in 2005. A couple of us girls got together at Katrina's house, gabbed and ate food all afternoon. It was really good to see her - and the other's who even though they live here, I rarely see! I need to get out more!

Amy, Katie, Tiff, Jackie, Katrina

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Swim Lessons

The girls took swim lessons for three weeks. I wish I had signed them up for back to back sessions because just about the time they get comfortable doing things, lessons are over. Neither of my girls put their faces underwater yet. But that could be because we never go to the pool. Some of Savannah's friends already know how to swim. She's going to be 6 soon. If we went to the pool more often and worked with her, she would probably know by now. But they had a lot of fun at their lessons. Their cousins, Rylee, Zoey and Camry were in lessons with them. They usually looked forward to going - except for the days they had to go off the diving board. The first time they went off, Savannah screamed and Izzy curled up in a ball. Their teacher had to basically lift them up and drop them off - into the arms of another teacher of course. The second time they had to go off, Miss Anna had to chase Izzy around before getting her up on the board. But they survived. The last day of lessons they got to go on the slide. Izzy went down with her teacher, but Savannah braved it by herself. She used her hands to slow her down the whole way, but hey, she did it by herself! Maybe next summer I'll sign them up for two sessions in a row...

Savannah and Izzy on the diving board
Izzy's turn down the slideSavannah screeching down the slide