Thursday, April 10, 2008

New (Animal) Additions

Savannah had to have two teeny cavities filled yesterday. I was worried that she'd have to get a numbing shot, but they were so small she didn't have to. In anticipation of that, we made a deal that if she would let them give her a shot and fill her cavities, she could have a special reward. She chose guinea pigs. (We had already been discussing getting them.)

Savannah did WONDERFUL! She didn't peep once. She did ask them to "please be careful with that tooth back there. It kind of hurts when you do that." But she said it so politely they chuckled at her. I was so proud of her!

So we went straight to the pet store and purchased two small male guinea pigs. (At least we were told they're both males...we'll see.) Izzy named her guinea pig Peanut Butter because he's the color of peanut butter. Savannah named her brown and white one Max. They ask constantly to hold them and clean the cage and feed them.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

We Love You, Elder Ellis!

Hi Case!

I'm posting just for you, in case you get a chance to read this tomorrow. I'm very proud of you and am grateful to have such a wonderful brother. You are an amazing example to all of us, especially all of your nieces and nephews. We love you immensely and hope you are doing well. Your letters brighten my days, so keep em coming. I apologize for not being so good at writing snail mail letters, so I'll work on that. Tell Elder Briggs hi for us.

Love and miss you,

Love Tiff
P.S. For any of you who would like to write Casey, his address is:
Elder Casey Ellis
California Sacramento Mission
9480 Madison Ave. Suite 4
Orangevale, CA 95662

Waiting for Spring...

It's been melting the past week and I got my hopes up that spring is on it's way. But I forget that this is Alaska and we don't have spring. Winter lasts a really long time and then just skips right into summer. We woke up to a couple inches of snow yesterday. Talk about depressing. After 30 years here, I should know better.

All of my kids are desperately waiting for spring as well. They still go out a couple times a day, but this is how it's been going lately. "Mom, we're going outside now." Ten minutes later, dressed in complete snow gear, they head out. Two minutes later, Savannah is back inside "Mom, Izzy is stuck in the snow. Can you get her out please?" So I unstick her. Five minutes later, Savannah is back again. "Mom, Izzy is stuck in the snow again." So I unstick her again. After warning her to stay out of the deep melting snow, I come back in, only to be called out a third time. I finally made a path to the green house and just send them in there to play. There's not much in there, just rocks and empty pots, but it seems to occupy them.
I've been feeling so poorly lately that I haven't been taking Gavin out. I feel really bad. He gets himself dressed as best as he can and then comes and begs for me to take him outside. Oh how I wish the snow was gone...

Gavin getting himself dressed to go out

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bedtime Helpers

Before we had children, I always said I wanted a boy first. I think it had something to do with the older brother protecting his younger siblings or something like that. Well, that didn't happen. I had two beautiful girls before my first boy. And I am SO thankful for that. Savannah is like a mini mom, which is both good and bad. I try to focus on the good, but also try not to over use her to do things I'm too lazy to do. :)
Tonight I announced it was bedtime for Gavin. I started picking up the living room and putting toys away in the girls' rooms while closing their shades, turning on night lights, etc. All the while, Savannah and Isabelle were cleaning up Gavin's room and getting him ready for bed themselves. When I came in, Savannah was sitting in the glider rocker with Gavin, reading him his favorite bedtime books.
After she was done, she changed his diaper (with only a little help from me - mostly holding him still).

Then she wrapped him back up, hopped back up in the chair, asked me to turn off the lights and sang to him. Isabelle sang to him as well.

Only then was it my turn. And only because I insisted that Savannah was too short to put Gavin in his crib without just chucking him over the side. I absolutely love being a mom!