Thursday, April 10, 2008

New (Animal) Additions

Savannah had to have two teeny cavities filled yesterday. I was worried that she'd have to get a numbing shot, but they were so small she didn't have to. In anticipation of that, we made a deal that if she would let them give her a shot and fill her cavities, she could have a special reward. She chose guinea pigs. (We had already been discussing getting them.)

Savannah did WONDERFUL! She didn't peep once. She did ask them to "please be careful with that tooth back there. It kind of hurts when you do that." But she said it so politely they chuckled at her. I was so proud of her!

So we went straight to the pet store and purchased two small male guinea pigs. (At least we were told they're both males...we'll see.) Izzy named her guinea pig Peanut Butter because he's the color of peanut butter. Savannah named her brown and white one Max. They ask constantly to hold them and clean the cage and feed them.


Dana said...

OH man they are little rats!!! Gross. But I bet my kids would love them.

Angeline and Matt said...

Tiff if your checking your blog to stare at your kids, I just want you to know your hubbies doing a great job with them, he's such a good guy! We miss you.

Jenny said...

what a brave mom you are. we don't have any pets. i can't imagine taking care of them AND my kids.

do you remember those animals you had at ricks. what were they? gerbils? that was so traumatic. :)