Thursday, September 25, 2008

34 Weeks...and counting...

I'll be 34 weeks along on Saturday. My how time does NOT fly when counting down to such an end as this. I'm already ready for this bundle of energy to be on the outside rather than on the inside. I know he isn't quite done cooking yet, so I'll try to be patient. But I'm tired of being bruised internally. I have a constant back ache at this point. Sleeping is almost pointless. Last night I got up 7 TIMES to pee. Sheesh. (Can I complain anymore, you ask? Why, yes, I think it's possible...) I've finally hit the 30 pound mark. Actually, I'm not sure if I should say "finally" or "holy cow, I've ALREADY hit the 30 pound mark". I like to eat. A lot. I pack on a good 35 to 45 pounds each pregnancy. They say 20 to 30 pounds is best. Oh well. From here on out I should still be gaining about 1 pound per week, so I know I can look forward to AT LEAST 6 more pounds. Woo Hoo!!

Here are a couple of shots of my blimpo status. Technically, I'm 2 days away from 34 weeks, but I actually got dressed today, so might as well take a decent picture while I can! As you can tell, the children are oh so excited to be in the picture.

34 weeks

Izzy, me and baby Mudd, Gavin and Savannah

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They Really CAN Share!

Izzy and Gavin fight over this bike constantly. I wish we had another one just like it - it would result in far less fighting! I happened to catch them riding together the other day - it was so sweet! It didn't last very long, just a couple of times up the driveway and back, but it was sweet while it lasted.

Time Out For Women

Jen, Gina and I went to Anchorage to attend Time Out For Women on Sept. 5th and 6th. It was such an amazing experience. I already can't wait for next year! Some of the speakers were Sheri Dew, Wendy Watson Nelson, Emily Watts, Merilee Boyack, Chris Stewart, and a few others. Hilary Weeks was the musical guest. It was such an inspiring, uplifting experience. I definitely needed that recharge and the break from kids for that little while. The theme of the weekend was finding joy in life - finding joy in being a mother, being a daugther of God, knowing our part in the plan.

I'm not very good at describing things, or putting into words how I feel, so I'll just say it was very spiritual - so uplifting. We laughed alot, we cried, we filled our cups to overflowing. We got to meet a few of the speakers as well. I didn't know that Hilary Weeks was raised in Anchorage - she even knew the Calderwood side of my family - small world! It was really good to see so many women from our ward there as well. We were all very blessed to be able to attend. I should thank my dear husband - he took off early on Friday to come home and be with the kids so we could make it to Anchorage by 5:30 pm. He is such a wonderful husband and father! (I love you sweetheart!) I can't wait for next year.... :)

Gina, Jen, Sheri Dew, me, Sharon, Debbie

Jen, Gina, Hilary Weeks, me

me, Gina, Wendy Watson Nelson, Jen

Labor Day

"Gavin, stop eating rocks... Nana, try to look happy"

We went to the beach for a little while on Labor Day. The kids love to go - not because of the warm sunny beach with hot sand to sink your toes into...we don't have those kinds of beaches. They love to throw rocks in the water, search for sea shells (hard to come by) and climb the bluff. Even Gavin got to climb the bluff this time!