Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time Out For Women

Jen, Gina and I went to Anchorage to attend Time Out For Women on Sept. 5th and 6th. It was such an amazing experience. I already can't wait for next year! Some of the speakers were Sheri Dew, Wendy Watson Nelson, Emily Watts, Merilee Boyack, Chris Stewart, and a few others. Hilary Weeks was the musical guest. It was such an inspiring, uplifting experience. I definitely needed that recharge and the break from kids for that little while. The theme of the weekend was finding joy in life - finding joy in being a mother, being a daugther of God, knowing our part in the plan.

I'm not very good at describing things, or putting into words how I feel, so I'll just say it was very spiritual - so uplifting. We laughed alot, we cried, we filled our cups to overflowing. We got to meet a few of the speakers as well. I didn't know that Hilary Weeks was raised in Anchorage - she even knew the Calderwood side of my family - small world! It was really good to see so many women from our ward there as well. We were all very blessed to be able to attend. I should thank my dear husband - he took off early on Friday to come home and be with the kids so we could make it to Anchorage by 5:30 pm. He is such a wonderful husband and father! (I love you sweetheart!) I can't wait for next year.... :)

Gina, Jen, Sheri Dew, me, Sharon, Debbie

Jen, Gina, Hilary Weeks, me

me, Gina, Wendy Watson Nelson, Jen

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