Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Night at the Cabin - July 24th

We decided Friday at about Noon that we wanted to go out to the cabin that night, so we called and invited the Quiners, the Moores, the Maws, the Jorgensens and the Boehmes out. Only the Quiners, Jorgensens and the Maws were able to make it, but we had fun! The kids spent forever on the lake in the paddle boats, then watched a movie until 1:00 am. We all got up (and I say "got up" loosely as some people didn't really ever go to bed!) and headed home around 9:00 am so we could go to the Progress Days parade in Soldotna.

paddle boat wars
Connor and Aiden just hangin out
target practice
the kids were trying to play Ticket to Ride
Lynzie, Miles and Annabellewatching Surf's Up
Holly rubbed Gavin's sleepy little head and he passed right out - so sweet!
Progress Days parade
Izzy and Gavin racing