Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Laundry Helper

Where's Gavin?

I was folding laundry on Friday and as usual, Gavin wandered over to help. I left the door open this time and like the good little monkey that he is, he climbed right in. He had to put his blankey in first though so he could be nice and comfortable. Don't worry Ryan - we didn't shut the door and turn it on. :)

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Matt and Angeline said...

This pictures brings back memories, my oldest brother did this to my sister, shut the door and sat on top while she went thud thud, luckily my mom only heard a couple thuds to realize what he'd done! Love the blog, glad to have you in our network, and Congrats again on the pregnancy, I told Jeremy "Either she's gonna be really mad you spilled the beans to everyone, or grateful she won't have to tell everyone individually!"