Sunday, May 11, 2008

Savannah's Pre-K Graduation

This past Thursday, Savannah's Pre-K class had a "Step-Up" Ceremony. The each got a little diploma and stepped up from Pre-K into Kindergarten.
She is very excited about going to Kindergarten, even though she has to wait all summer before she can go. Jeremey took half a day off work so he could be there. Grandma and Lynzie came as well.
Savannah and Emilee


Dana said...

What is the deal with Isabelle's face? Was she not excited about the idea of her sister going to Kindergarten? Too funny

Shylo said...

Congratulations Savannah!
They grow so fast. My son starts Kindergarten next year too. He is soooo excited.
I am tagging you if you want to play! (list 6 facts/habits about you! Tag 6 others)

Jenny said...

i have one starting kindergarten next year, too. we'll all have to compare notes. :) congrats on savannah's graduation!