Sunday, May 4, 2008

Underwear Models

My children have decided to be underwear models. After watching the girls for a few minutes, Gavin ran into Izzy's room, grabbed a pair of green and pink underwear and shoved them on his head. Then ran around chasing the girls while roaring at them.
Did you do this when you were young as well? I know I did. I remember putting underwear on our heads and standing on the edge of my parents bed yelling "I'm going to Hawaii" and falling backwards. Only to get up giggling and do it all over again, traveling to many different parts of the world. I remember one specific time when Ryan and I were doing this, only Ryan didn't move and I landed on top of him. Gave him quite the shiner. I think he was three years old at the time. Ah, fond memories!


Gina said...

You Ellis kids are wacko! I know that I never put underwear on my head much less traveled the world with it there! :) Ryan says he remembers that!

Jenny said...

bentley walked by while i was looking at your blog, and he had to come in for a closer look to see what your girls had on their heads. so funny. :) i don't remember wearing underwear on my head, but i'm pretty sure my little brothers did it. :)

Shylo said...

Kids are so funny! Wish I could be that carefree sometimes.