Thursday, June 5, 2008

Can you tell the sex? UPDATED

I apologize - for those of you who don't regularly look at ultrasounds or who weren't sitting in the room with me to see what I saw, it would be pretty hard to know what exactly I'm looking for! In the middle of the photo are two little blobs and his little privette part is in the middle of them - sticking straight out and pointing to the right. See it yet? Well, even if you don't, that's ok cause IT'S A BOY! Yeah!!!

(If you can't quite see it, tilt your head to the right.)

Just for fun, here's another shot of the baby lying sprawled out over my placenta.

Only 23 more weeks to go!


Shylo said...

Congrats! Little boys are so sweet...I am glad you told us the sex because I have never been able to read ultrasounds :)

Nelson Family said...

I am glad you are having more luck than me with the ultrasounds. First it was a probably a boy, then could be a girl. We are going to try one more time in a few weeks.

Jenny said...

i was going to guess boy. honest. crystal came over that morning and we talked about it, but i'm way behind on commenting. :)


leacayoung said...