Monday, June 2, 2008

Thank Goodness For Super Glue!

My children have a habit of playing in the big laundry basket. I'm not too fond of it. They always climb in and tip themselves over - usually resulting in someone crying. This only happens on laundry day. Maybe I should just quit doing laundry......well today, Gavin and Izzy were both climbing in it and of course fighting at the same time. The laundry basket tipped over and Gavin hit his head on the coffee table. Savannah, being the good little nurse that she is, grabbed a wet washcloth and brought him down to me. I called Jennifer over to come look at his cut. I was pretty sure it needed a stitch or two, but wanted a second opinion. His hair is hiding some of it in the picture. It gaped and I could squeeze it back together.
She agreed, so I loaded the kids up, dropped the girls off at my mom's (LOVE YOU MOM!) and took Gavin in. He didn't get any stitches though. They just glued his head back together. Thank goodness for super glue. In five days, he'll be good as new.


Dana said...

poor kid. We have quite our fair share of stitches around here. I think that it just comes with the territory. No broken bones yet though(knock on wood)

Jenny said...

love the superglue. we've had max in three times for cuts on his head or face, and have been lucky enough to have the glue each time. hope gavin is healing ok. :)