Friday, July 11, 2008

Trip to Anchorage

We took a family trip up to Anchorage on Wednesday. We promised the girls that if they would sell some of their toys at our garage sale, we would take them to Build A Bear. I drove up a few hours earlier (with some other family members) to attend the temple with my cousin. Jeremey drove later with the kids. They picked me up at 12:30pm and we took some pictures outside the temple.

After that, we went to Build A Bear, ate some pizza and Arby's, got ice cream and shopped a few more stores before coming home. The kids did pretty well - only minimal fighting, but they were pretty tired by the end. Gavin had a hard time on the drive home, probably because he was stuck in a car seat or stroller all day. He cried for the last hour of the drive and finally fell asleep 15 minutes from home! All in all, it was a fun family day.


leacayoung said...

You are the cutest pregnant person ever!

Dana said...

The flowers are pretty at the temple. I am so use to seeing it covered in snow. You are looking cute pregnant.

Jenny said...

love the family picture in front of the temple.

i've been thinking about build a bear for our kids. let me know if your kids still play w/ their bears in a week. my kids tend to have a 1 or 2 day limit of interest w/ most toys. sigh.

poor gavin. i think road trips must be so hard for little ones. they don't know if or when it will ever end!!! and they're stuck in their seats. :(

Shylo said...

What a beautiful family! I love taking the kids to see the temple. My daughter loves build a bear and has been begging to go again since we left (a year ago). She has been 2 times already but apparently she needs more stuffed animals!

Jan said...

Tiffany! What a fun thing to see you and your cute family in front of the temple. It's so great to see how great you are doing!!! And #4 coming soon...amazing. Seeing you makes me miss you and Alaska. Jan