Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wendy's visit

My friend Wendy and her three kids are up visiting. They've been staying with us this past week. My kids have loved having round the clock playmates. Although Gavin seems to think that Isaac (8 months old) is one of those punching bags that when you push over pops right back up. He is constantly kicking and pushing Isaac over. AUGH! Anyway, we've been having a lot of fun hanging out and catching up. She leaves soon to go back to North Dakota and it will probably be another two or three years before we see each other again. :( I keep forgetting to take my camera with us when we go places, but I did get some pictures the other night when we were roasting marshmallows in the back yard.

Gavin, Izzy, Savannah, Mayzie and Isaac

Mayzie and Savannah eating rhubarb

Ashlyn on the swingset

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Jenny said...

how fun!

i wish we could make the trip sometime. sigh. :)

how are you feeling?